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The FCA is to launch a competition market study after concluding that the annuities market is failing consumers.
Over a third of British consumers (37%) say they'll never save or invest for their retirement – compared to just 22 percent of people globally, according to a new study by Nielsen.
A study looking at why people may be retiring later has suggested nearly three quarters of the workforce fear their pension pot will not be large enough.
More than one in ten retirees spend less than an hour arranging their retirement plan, a survey has shown.
A financial shock is awaiting many women when they pack up work, with annual incomes £8,000 beneath what they believe will give them a comfortable life, a study indicates.
Spouses are keeping secret debts worth an average of £7,800 from their other halves and potentially risking their comfort in retirement, a study shows.
Hargreaves Lansdown has detailed a five point action plan to reform the retirement planning sector following the widespread criticism of the annuity market by the Financial Services Consumer Panel this week.
AXA Wealth says that the Chancellor could have done more to encourage pension saving in his Autumn Statement today to ease the pain of a higher retirement age.
A new survey suggests that Britons only begin to realise they will one day retire when they reach the age of 48.
One in five couples over the age of 40 have not discussed retirement plans in the last five years and many prefer to keep finances separate, according to a new study.
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