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Privacy Policy

Portfolio Publishing Privacy Policy

Key Statement

1. Portfolio Publishing, publisher of Sipps Professional, respects the privacy of the individual and the corporation. When we collect data from you, we take appropriate action to ensure that measures are taken to ensure that the data we collect is only relevant to the purposes we have stated in this document.

2. The terms of our Privacy Policy are as the same as those which are defined in the Terms and Conditions of Sipps Professional Online.

User Information

1. Information about you is collected from you as a user of the site when you register for email services such as newsletter or for user registration or comments, ratings and other areas. We collect this data so that we can give you a personalised service which means that you will see content relevant to your profession and usage and to provide us with information which assists in the provision of the web service to you.

2. We also collect information and data from you so that we may send you relevant information and inform you about other products and services that Portfolio Publishing, Sipps Professional, or other third party providers and partners may wish to offer you. During your registration and at other times you can personalise the way in which this information is sent to you and the types of information that you will receive. Portfolio Publishing, publisher of this site, will only pass on information collected about you to third parties with your permission or where elsewhere described in this privacy policy. This does not include collective information and data where your personal details are not passed on, only collective data collected about any groups or user segments you may below to.

3. You are able to amend any data or personal information collected about you my logging in to your account and amending the details held about you. You can do this after logging in or registering for the first time.

4. User information that we collect and that is supplied by you as a user of the site and as defined under our terms and conditions (see relevant section on this site) is covered primarily by the Data Protection Act 1998. The Act requires Portfolio Publishing to follow rules and guidelines as defined by the act. Further details are available on request.

5. Users can access the data that we hold on them at this website by contacting Portfolio Publishing either in writing, by phone or by e-mail, We reserve the right to make a nominal charge of £6.50 to compensate us for any administration costs.

6. The details and data that we store about you may be moved to another publication within the Portfolio Publishing group or may also be transferred to a new owner in the event that the site or company are sold to new proprietors.

Data Usage

1. When you as a registered user request information from the website relevant information about this is stored on the website. This may include IP address, username, browser version, a page, search request, operating system and other such information as is processed when the user users the site. The storage of this information is to help us collect aggregate data on usage of the site and for no other purpose. The information stored helps us to provide statistical data and other information to advertisers and other third parties but data relating to you personally is never passed on.

2. While the security of the internet is improving Portfolio Publishing cannot guarantee that any data supplied is completely protected from cyber attacks or other forms of malicious intervention and, as such, users must take care to ensure that no personal financial or sensitive information is recorded.

3. Portfolio Publishing cannot guarantee that third party providers and partners whose services are accessible through this site operate the same Privacy Policy as Portfolio Publishing.

Reserved Rights

1. Portfolio Publishing reserves the rights to alter and update this Privacy Policy at any time at a date of its choosing. Portfolio Publishing will not, however, alter, update or change this Privacy Policy in a substantial way without warning users that a change will shortly be made and will not dilute or diminish its own obligation and promise to protect the privacy and personal data of its users to the best of its ability.

If you wish to raise any questions about Portfolio Publishing's Privacy Policy or have any suggestions or you would the details held on you to be amended by Portfolio Publishing please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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