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Pensions expert James Jones-Tinsley reviews the election result and its impact on the pensions landscape...

Small self-administered schemes (SSASs) turned 50 last year and it is fair to say that their popularity and endorsement has been mixed over that period.

The recent news that Labour has ditched plans to re-instate the lifetime allowance is certainly welcome.

In my last article for SIPPs Professional, I focused on the role of the professional trustee and outlined the fiduciary responsibilities cast upon them as emphasised by the Pensions Ombudsman (TPO) in its case PO-256984.

“You’ve overpaid income tax on your pension? Well, at least you’ve not underpaid!”

The Ofsted grading system has come under scrutiny recently, but despite a report from the cross-party education select committee calling for an end to the simplified grades, the government have confirmed they are here to stay.

We’re now in the new tax year and the Lifetime Allowance has officially been abolished – well, for now at least.

In his latest column for SSAS expert Martin Tilley looks at the polarisation threat to the SSAS market.

One of the many facets of a pension trustee's role is to use their discretion to decide who should benefit from a deceased member’s pension fund. 

I’ve just received a very optimistic-sounding email from HMRC entitled, "A happy new tax year starts here.”

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