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Over 15 million (78%) non-retired married people have no idea about the value of their spouse’s pensions, according to a new report.

Nearly one in three retirees are retiring in debt in 2021 according to new research.

Almost half (46%) of over 55s have no idea how much money they need in order to retire comfortably, according to new research.

A third (31%) of UK homeowners over 40 who are not yet retired plan to work beyond their State Pension age, according to a new report.

Over a tenth (12%) of UK homeowners over 40 years old would consider releasing equity from their property to supplement their retirement income, according to a new report.

Those aged 55-64 are at risk of exhausting their retirement savings early and are not adequately planning for their retirement, according to new research.

One in five of Generation X are now saving less or spending down their retirement savings as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report.

The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) has launched a new retirement planning qualification.

Over three quarters (85%) of retired people over 50 think they retired too early, according to a new survey.

Financial advisers saw their turnover and client numbers grow strongly in 2019, a new study has found.

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