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Transfers into Sipps are up 36% over the year and transfers of pensions into drawdown products doubled since April, new analysis released this morning has shown.
Expectations among workers that they will retire roughly four years younger than their State Pension age are unrealistic, a report has warned.
Women could be faced with a significant retirement shortfall as the gap between both attitudes towards saving and savings levels widens with men as they get older.
James Hay has added 11,000 Sipps in the first 10 months this year – nearly double that of the whole of 2014.
The proportion of 25 to 74 year olds saving for retirement has leapt up in the last two years, a report published this morning has suggested.
People who have not shopped around for their annuity will collectively miss out on £104m of income over the course of retirement, new analysis has suggested.
Around 2.4 million grandparents are breaking open their pension piggy banks to help their grandkids, a study has indicated.
About 14 million people aged 25-34 could be underestimating the pot they need at retirement by nearly £400,000, new research has suggested.
Nearly one in four over-55s plans to take cash out of their pension funds while still working.
The CII is to launch a new pensions exam unit to support professional standards in the sector.
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