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Despite not getting top billing in yesterday’s Budget – unlike the bombshell announcements of 2014 – pensions did still feature.

Pension holders should be able take out a small amount from their pot to pay for pre-retirement advice, a major review has proposed.

Radical pension reforms could significantly boost the pension savings of the majority of earners, but at the cost of substantial losses to high earners and major disruption to the industry, a report concluded.
Sipp firm: Doubts over tax relief cost Treasury £billions
I try to avoid speculating on the outcomes of the Budget. However as this year’s fast approaches one can’t help but take a great deal of interest on the various views being expressed on what will be the aftermath of the Green Paper – Strengthening the incentive to save: a consultation on pension tax relief. So I think this time I will take a punt.
New analysis has shown big variations across the country when it comes to how long workers face having to work to achieve the same quality of pension as their parents’ generation.

George Osborne has a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to create a tax environment to support decent living standards in retirement.

Any moves to further reduce tax relief on future pension contributions would be a “second tax grab on pension savers”.
Retirement customers continue to look to invest the tax free cash lump sum from their pension pots into the buy-to-let property market despite the looming tax clampdown, data from Fidelity International suggests.
Life expectancy at older ages in England as a whole is now the highest on record for all the age and sex groups studied, Public Health England says, though it fell in some regional areas.
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