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The ABI wants legislation to compel pensions providers and schemes to provide data to Pension Dashboards - its government-backed project to give consumers a one-stop place for all their pensions information.
In August, HM Treasury and the Department for Work & Pensions finally released their response to the ‘Pension Scams’ consultation.
Pension professionals are unhappy that the Chancellor has ploughed ahead with the cut of the Money Purchase Annual Allowance.
Regular readers may recall the first Blog that I wrote for Sipps Professional in December last year, entitled “The Law is a Drag”.
The much-anticipated capital adequacy regime for SIPPs is finally upon us, and providers now have to get out their abacuses, and remove their shoes and socks, in order to undertake the calculations that will determine the requisite size of their capital reserves, underpinning the membership of their SIPP book of business and portfolio of assets.
Who could have predicted the political machinations that have unfolded since the UK narrowly voted ‘Leave’ on June 23rd, with more sackings and resignations in the last three weeks, than during a normal week at Leeds United.
Auto-enrolment is now entering a critical phase, with approximately 1.8 million small and micro-employers attaining their ‘Staging Date’ during this year and next.
One of the Chancellor’s ‘rabbits from his hat’ in this year’s Budget was the Lifetime ISA.
Nearly a fifth of consumers may be planning to withdraw cash from pensions to drip-feed it into an ISA once they turn 55, according to new data.
Radical pension reforms could significantly boost the pension savings of the majority of earners, but at the cost of substantial losses to high earners and major disruption to the industry, a report concluded.
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