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Over 15 million (78%) non-retired married people have no idea about the value of their spouse’s pensions, according to a new report.

Some 8m people are planning a DIY approach to retirement and planning to avoid professional financial advice but admit they do not know how to avoid running out of money in retirement, according to a new study.

The scaling back of lockdown restrictions is boosting consumer personal finance confidence with one in seven expecting to increase pension contributions in the next year.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme has warned that retirees are being tempted to put money into investment products claiming to offer high returns due to the prolonged low interest savings environment.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of investors think pension and investment providers need to be more environmentally transparent in where they invest their pensions, according to a new report.

Those aged 55-64 are at risk of exhausting their retirement savings early and are not adequately planning for their retirement, according to new research.

Taking financial advice considerable boosts the confidence of UK retirement savers, according to a new report.

Industry jargon deters nearly 55% of people from investing, according to a new survey.

Over a third (35%) of Britons have never reviewed their plans for retirement, with more than 29% admitting they do not expect to have enough money when they do retire, according to new research.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a widespread rethink of retirement plans as 18% change their retirement age and 20% of over-55s have considered raiding their pension savings, according to a new report.

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